Precision machining for the space industry

Products and Services

Products and Services

Solutions customized to the needs of each client

Solutions customized to the needs of each client. Request your quote.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service from a high precision and top quality corporate culture

Technical cooperation during the design phase

Concurrent engineering

Materials purchase management

Machining as per plan and technical requirements

Surface/aesthetic finish of your product

Verification service

Certification and guarantee


Manufacture of aluminium parts


Manufacture of titanium parts


Manufacture of stainless steel parts


Manufacture of nickel-based alloy parts and parts made from other materials


Large machining


Measurement service



    Specialized productive means for each operation

    As specialists in precision machining, we incorporate the most advanced technology, with high-precision and high-productivity machines, which are complemented by cutting edge verification means.

    5-axis machiningmilling-boringcylindrical grindingsurface grindingcoordinate grinding

    Milling machines

    • 4 and 5 axes
    • Multifunction (milling + turning)
    • Vertical turning
    • Boring machines
    • Bridge

    Grinding machines

    • Cylindrical
    • Surface
    • By coordinates

    Zeiss coordinate measuring machines

    • Large dimensions (5000 mm)
    • Ultraprecision (measurement uncertainty <1 micron)
    • Scanning of complex geometries

    About Us

    Over 30 years in the aerospace industry

    • Heritage: Perseverance, Gaia, Solar Orbiter, MTG, Exomars, Juice etc.
    • We work with unitary parts and short series
    • We manage the entire production process: Purchase of materials, machining, processing, etc.
    • Flexibility and responsiveness to design changes
    • Total Quality Management (EN-9100)

    Purchase Manager

    We have been working with Goimek for many years. Compared to other companies in the industry, it is the most humane company. Not only are they great mechanisers, but they also offer excellent service, quality management and compliance with deadlines.

    Project Manager

    In my opinion, technical knowledge is very important; they know the standards of our industry, they perform the appropriate tests and take responsibility for quality at the highest level. But the most important thing is that they meet the requirements of the clients, and they know how to communicate with us without any issues and respond to all our needs. Goimek is a reliable and professional company.

    Quality Technician

    What GOIMEK has done exceeds our expectations. They work hard to provide good service and go beyond our expectations in all our high-precision machining needs, helping us to manage Quality Control easily, and even collaborating during the design phases in order to reduce costs in this very competitive industry. We hope to continue to enjoy GOIMEK's professionalism in the future!

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